About Us

Fashion is surface - beauty is within ™

This embodies Mikko's philosophy and approach of creating individual beauty. He has an impeccable eye for style and the unique capability to significantly impact his clients' lives bringing out their inner beauty. Mikko believes that fashion should be used as an inspiration and guidance but never as a dictation. His secret is to unveil the most important thing from every individual: the inner beauty. A truly great hair style should not just make you look good, but more significantly: feel good. "I feel honored when I can add value and happiness into my clients lives through beautiful hair."

Focus on a complete picture

"I consider a thorough consultation as the most important part of every salon visit, by listening to your wishes, expectations and life style." Mikko has developed a method where each individual clients facial shape, bone structure, skin complexion, hair and individuality is carefully taking into consideration.

This help's Mikko customize a flawless master piece everytime, by using his unsurpassed artistic vision and skills. He shapes the hair with precision to where cut and color integrated seamlessly into a perfect harmony of shape and balance that's fits the individual.

Finally each client is equipped with professional recommendations for home maintenance, tools and techniques to maximize the ease and longevity of their new sensuous look. Keeping your hair looking like you just stepped out of the salon.