In the beginning...

Mikko’s incredible journey started over 20 years ago in Finland, Europe. As a young student he was very gifted in art, drawing, music but eventually it was the hair that offered him the perfect canvas to express his art.

After graduating from three years in beauty school, his talents in cutting and coloring soon started to bloom and he immediately attarcted a large cliental at Salon Titti Haapala. At the same time Mikko was competing in european hair competions and training with one of the best in the industry. Such as 8 time European Championship Riitta Urjanson and World Champion Andy Uffels.

After countless hours of competition and training, Mikko develop an excellent artistic eye for shape, form and color. Soon Mikko mastered his highly effective way to approach hairstyling, which soon lead him to National and European Competition Titles. He continued to advance his studies in the art of hair by attending well established academies in London, England.

Mikko progressed to Art director of Salon Titti Haapala in Finland, which became the first salon to use new ammonia free color develpoed by Houston based company Farouk Systems Inc. It was only natural for Mikko to become very interested in the latest color technology. The first courses Mikko for attended were in Holland but it wasn’t long after that until Mikko was invited due to his obvious skill and passion for the new color line, to Houston Texas at the headquarters of Farouk Systems.

America - Land of opportunities...

Farouk Shami immediately recgonize the enourmous talent and potential within Mikko and asked him to join the company. Mikko arrived in the USA with six luggages, 6 dollars and 85 cents in his pocket and a heart full of passion. His highly advanced coloring skills, precision cutting and hair color placement were soon unleashed through Eductional Seminars and high energy Hair Shows all over US, Canada and Mexico resulting in even more demand for this Nordic phenomena.

Soon he was asked to establish the Artistic Department for Farouk Systems and start to develop new hair cutting and coloring collections and direct photo and video shoots.The brand new Artistic Director had an eye for style and senses to predict upcoming trends and fashion. The new trend collections that were launched with impeccable artistic style soon filled the editorial magazines with outstanding reviews.

After sucessfully impletmenting the artistic department Mikko was recognized by his peers and promoted becoming the youngest Vice president of Education. Mikko continued creating the advanced cutting and coloring trainings for all the CHI Educators and Platform Artists thus helping Farouk Systems to grow tremendously, becoming one of the biggest hair care companies in the USA.

The eye for the color

There is only a handfull of good colorists, and you hardly ever find a true master colorsist who has the eye and knowledge to formulate hair color for anyone. Mikko is one of those rare artists. He was the key person formulating the CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color with over 90 radiant colors. This helped expand Mikko’s technical knowldege in color beyond his already amazing understanding making him a true master colorist. Even after Mikko’s knowledge in color development he still belives that his success in color goes back to his artistc mind, imagination, creativity and “the eye for the color” that allows him create his famous and harmonious color work.

... and the road becomes your friend...

Mikko’s exceptional skills were soon in very high demand all over the world in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Over 30 countries have experienced and wittness his unique abilities to inspire and motivate his audience by sharing his vast knowledge through seminars and hair shows.

... the real dream ...

Ever growing and constant demand from his new hometown Houston to do the one thing that he does best: make people feel more beautiful. This calling made him realize that now is the perfect time to start his own business and share his unique talents with the place he calls home which has been so good to him. Mikko’s ideal is based upon having over 20 years of experience in serving his cliental with the very best in craftsmanship, creativity, warmth and always honest approach. “I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to give back by creating beauty”

... to be continued ...

Today Mikko is busier than ever with his clients but he is still traveling worldwide conducting hair shows, educational seminars and photo shoots, but now with a healthy balance. His main focus is on one thing and one thing only: to provide the ultimate client experience.When asked what is in the future, Mikko smiles mysteriosly and says

“This is just the beginning, you are about to witness something remarkable …”