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It is all about having a hair with that modern sophsiticated and sensous look.

In the art of hair cutting Mikko has developed a method where each clients facial shape, bone structure, and individulity is carefully taking under consideration in order to create a flawless master piece. Everything is based of understanding the shape, form, balance and hairs charasteristic and how they interact with each other.

Each client has different type of hair and therefore the hairs natural movement is studied to choose the right approach for the desired look. By “listening to the hair” Mikko is able to understand the hairs natural chrastersitcs inorder to optimize your hair cut into flawles hair, that is moving freely but stays in shape.

Thick and coarse hair often requires releasing the weight and density to make it more manageable, where as finer hair can be texturized from key areas to create thicker and voluminous looks. Regardless of the hair type each hair cut is tecnically precise and always tailored to flatter each individuals contour.